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FrankenCAR Performance Product Review

FrankenCAR states on their Website, "FrankenCAR Performance was started to aid the needs of those wishing to get more performance out of their car. Most car enthusiasts look for quality and gains along with a great price and ease of install.. We at FrankenCAR Performance strive to deliver the best quality among all of our products."


Wow, That is a strong statement to give from a almost brand new Company, this makes us at working on "Project Maxima" more then happy to give you an idea of how FrankenCAR delivered themselves with this NEW Intake System. Enter and See how it went.

As a promotional advertisement FrankenCAR had sent us a "FrankenCAR Stage 2" Intake to add to our Project Maxima for Review on Well, today we came home and found a nice surprise at our door at a very prompt 4-5 business days when they confirmed they were shipping it out! From the Get-go we liked what we saw, the package arrived promptly and well packaged, a little too well packaged as we found more pieces to the puzzle when we thought we were done searching. NO BIGGIE. All of this courtesy of USPS of course.


As we inspected the inner contains of the package we found it to be in very nice shape, nice and clean.


  • K/N or Apex-I Filter(with installtion kit consisting of Aluminum Apex-I Filter adapter, 1 silicone coupler and 2 T-Bolt Hose Clamps.)

  • 4 Heavy Duty T-Bolt Hose Clamps (two are smaller for the TB/Midpipe side)

  • 1 Silicone Coupler and 1 Silicone Reducer

  • 1 Polished or High Gloss Powdercoated Midpipe

  • 1 Billet Aluminum MAF Adapter

  • Replacement IACV Breather Line with Two LINED Hose Clamps

  • FrankenCAR Stickers

Stock Air Intake System/Sound Clips*: 1995 Nissan Maxima


First open your hood up so that you can obviously work on your intake system. Begin to unclip the Four(4) Clips found around the corners of the top of the Air Box, unplug the connection on the firewall side of the Air box which connects to the Air Temperature Sensor. Move towards the MAF Sensor (Image2) and unplug the connection on the firewall side of the unit. Unscrew the bracket which holds both the MAF Sensor Plug and Air Temperature Sensor Plug to the Stock Air Box. With a pair of pliers squeeze the IACV Breather Line clamp together and pull it towards the center of the tube to give you the ability to remove the tube from the resonator box and remove the smaller line just to the left of it. You will notice on the left side (standing on driver side) of the resonator box there is another hose/clamp coming from the Crankcase. With your set of pliers move the clamp securing the host to the Resonator to the center of the tube and remove the tube from the resonator box. Using a 7mm socket loosen the T-Clamp securing the Accordion to the Throttle Body.

Move to the front of the engine bay, where the Ram Air section connects to the top of the grill. Using a 10mm socket remove the bolt that secures the upper duct to the lower duct. Once removed you can go ahead and pull the accordion from the Throttle Body, and then you can easily remove the entire assembly from accordion to the top of the air box. (Be very careful with this, you are going to need this later don't drop it, MAF Sensor).

Now that that is out of the way, you can remove the air filter if you haven't already done so and put it to the side. (You wont be needing that anymore). Now you just revealed three bolts in the bottom portion of the factory intake box which will need to be removed to take out that portion of the box. Once that is done you can pull it out completely. We did not remove our lower ram air scoop from the front of the engine bay, but you can do so by using a Philips screw driver on the two screws located at the front of the engine bay on the frame. If you hadn't done so already remove the two screws holding your Air Temperature sensor into the factory air box with a Philips screw driver. *97-99 Models you must remove the Air Temperature sensor which located underneath the arch in your lower ram air scoop from the front of the engine bay.*

Nice and Clean, eh?


Begin by first taking the Reducer and placing the smaller of the two inlets onto the Throttle Body. from there you will just place in position but don't tighten the two clamps on the throttle body end tight enough for it not to fall out while your working on it. Next you will place the straight end edge of the Mid-pipe into the larger hole in the reducer as much as you can. You are now going to come back to your Stock Upper intake section where you need to loosen the Clamp securing the MAF Sensor to the Resonator box. You need a bit of force here to pry the MAF and the Resonator box apart, so be gently with the MAF but forceful enough to edge the two apart.

While prying apart you may find that the rubber bushing stays with the MAF so you need to gently pull that off and place it somewhere. Once its apart you turn to the MAF/Filter box side, here you will find Four(4) 10mm screws that you will have to remove in order to get the MAF free. Find your MAF adapter and place it on the remaining side (picture 5) where the MAF sensor plug would be facing the firewall and secure the plate with the screws you removed from the Stock Air box. Here comes the difficult part, find your Silicone Coupler and as best as you can try and fit the coupler on the opposite end of the MAF, this is rather difficult but with some patience you can get it around. *Try stretching it some* Fun wasn't it?

Fit the two remaining clamps onto the opposite side of the Midpipe and fit the Coupler/MAF just the same. Secure the clamps loosely so you can adjust when the time comes later. Find your filter (this may vary) and fit it onto the end of the MAF adapter and secure the supplied clamp, test for fitment, and secure all clamps in place. Connect your supplied IACV tube in its proper place using the supplied T-Bolt clamps as well as plugging the smaller line back up. We would suggest replacing your Crankcase hose with either a longer 5/8" hose, a breather filter, or flipping your original tube the reverse way and using it as that*make sure its not cracked*. Connect your MAF sensor plug in the appropriate slot while trying to keep things clean try and zip tie the wire somewhere close, but don't stretch it. Last thing would be finding a spot to put your Air Temperature sensor, as FrankenCAR would suggest is to place the sensor somewhere near the intake filter so that it would give a semi-accurate reading, but you can get creative with that one.

Your going to need to reset your ECU for the computer to begin its 'Re-learn" process before cranking the car.
Resetting ECU

When you finally start it up, what you want to do is to allow the car to idle for a little bit until it warms up, then take a drive!


This new tone that Project Maxima has received is a very subtle yet an incredible smile maker whenever you nail your foot to the floor. We would recommend this to anyone that wants to give their Maxima a throaty rev and a very dramatic power bump! The Install was mild, as a first time project, you need to go very slow when dealing with this part of the car as its crucial to how it works. Thank you and we wish more satisfied customers as us

Final Pictures/Sound Clips*:

*To view the videos properly you need to acquire Divx (Download Here)

Parts Review