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Freddy (Car of the Month March 2007)



Freddy can really build a special breed of Maxima, CHECK THIS OUT!



  • 2003 VQ35DE engine swap - NO EGR, NO EVAP, NO IACV.
  • V-spec ported intake manifold
  • 1996 5-spd swap
  • Pacesetter STS
  • Spec Stage 2 clutch
  • SS clutch line
  • Polyurethane filled motor mounts
  • NX Wet kit, 70 shot
  • Bottle heater and remote bottle opener
  • Walbro 255lph fuel pump
  • SS Autochrome headers
  • Warpspeed Y-pipe
  • 2.5" test pipe
  • Greddy SP1 cat-back
  • No rear O2 sensor
  • Manual fan switch








  • KYB AGX adjustable struts
  • KYB dust boots
  • Tein S-tech springs
  • Chassis strengthening brace
  • 17" ADR RS-Limited Concept Pros
  • Toyo Proxes4s




  • Strobes
  • Red/clear tails
  • 5% tint in rear, 25% in front
  • Foglight rewire
  • JDM Smoked cefiros
  • DC clears
  • Carbon fiber hood
  • OEM Land Rover LR3 bixenon projectors with bezels w/6000k D2R bulbs  







  • 2k1 AE gauge cluster w/ CF bezel
  • Triple gauge pod(Cobalt Oil pressure, A/F, and Swoosh Vacuum gauges)
  • Pushbutton start
  • 350z pedals w/dead pedal
  • Modded leather Mazda MX-6 LS shift knob






Maxima of the Month