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GD: 4th Gen Carbon Fiber Hood (OE Style) $380

Factory-style Real Carbon Fiber Hood for 1995-1999 Maximas. ETA on February 21st, 2003. You will need to drill hole for washer nozzles, hood pins, remove OE hood struts ..the usual minor modifications that are required of aftermarket cf hoods.

Introductory Price is $380 for the first 20 orders placed with me. Money Order only

NJ/NYC/LI People can save shipping charge

Add $125 freight shipping (business address) or $175 (residential address) to ANYWHERE within the Continental United States (Hawaii, Alaska and Canada Extra). Shipping time is 3-7 business days in the Eastcoast, 7-12 business days for Westcoast orders.

Regular price is $450.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the finished product but I will guarantee this: There will be NO MAJOR fitment or cosmetic issues against this hood. I won't even ship it out to you if it does not meet satisfactory standards. Obviously, it is the buyer's responsibility to have the hood properly installed by a knowledgable professional and use hood pins.

I've gotten assurances from the factory in Taiwan that the quality is nothing less than high-grade. Nonetheless, I will use my car to test fit the first shipment. If for some reason it doesn't fit my Max, I will NOT hesitate to refund everyone's money 100%. IF IT FITS MY MAX, IT'LL FIT YOURS

Let's get rolling.
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Happy New Year!

PS- Anyone who need feedback about me, check out Good/Bad Sellers List for reference.