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Glass and Shock sensor to your Factory Theft deterrent system


Most Maximas come with a theft deterrent system which will sound the horns and flash
the lights if a door/hood/trunk is opened without the key. However this doesn't do
much good if someone breaks a window or jacks up the car to steal your wheels.
Adding a Shock sensor will trigger the factor alarm in the event that a window is
broken or the car tampered with and they are very inexpensive (I think I paid $8.00
for mine) and easy to install. Shock sensors are available at autoloc or any place
that sells alarms. In most cases just a shock sensor will do (they will respond to a
window breaking) however you can also install a glass sensor too. Pic 1 is the
shock and glass sensors.

1)Remove the plastic trim that goes around the shifter, remove the ashtray &
upper center vent assembly to access the for gold 10mm bolt that hold the Radio/A/C
assembly in place.

2)Remove the 4 gold bolts and remove the radio/ A/C assy.

3)Locate the BCM. It is a black box located in the lower center dash held in place
by 2 10mm nuts. If your car has an auto trans there may be 2 box's. You want the
one that says BCM on it. Also if your car has auto climate control the BCM may have
connectors on both sides and also say Auto Air condition on it. You need to access the 3
connectors on the firewall side.

4)Remove the BCM so you can access the connectors. Holding the BCM as seen in pic
2, remove the first plug (it is the plug with the least amount of wires in it) In
the pic you are looking at the back of the connector where the wires go in. This
was done on a 97 max but I assume the wire colors will be the same on all 4th gens.
Connect the power wire of the shock sensor to the pink wire and the ground to black.

5)Next remove the middle plug and access the yellow wire with the black tracer on
it(pic3). This wire leads to the hood switch. This is where you will connect the
signal wire of the sensor (it's usually blue).

6)Secure all wiring (I like to use a drill to twist the wires together to keep then
neat as seen in pic 4). Reinstall the BCM and temporarily sit the shock sensor on
top of it. Get out of the car and close all doors/hood/trunk. The factory security
light should go out. Arm the alarm and it should come on solid for 30sec and then
start to blink. At this time tap on your doors and windows. The shock sensor
should flash and set off your alarm.

7)Now you need to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. There should be a little
screw that says min and max. Do multiple tests with different settings. You don't
want it too sensitive or it will constantly be going off. When you have the setting
you like double stick tape the sensor to the BCM (pic5) and reassemble your dash.

Special notes:
If you are going to use a glass sensor with the shock sensor you may need to install
a diode on the signal wire of one of the sensors (doesn't matter which one) pics 6 and
7. Make sure you install it so it can send a sig out but can't receive one.