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Grille-Tech Product Review

Grille-Tech states on their Website, "Welcome to, your source for custom automotive grille inserts for your car or truck. Our company is geared to providing the highest quality custom grille inserts on the market today at the best possible price! Our custom grille inserts are powder coated for maximum durability and a great look! Grille-Tech's speed grille's are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA."

Well, we would like to see how well these craftsmen work, and see the quality build of their design. Enter and see how it went.

As a promotional advertisement Grille-Tech had sent us a "Racing Style" Grill to add to our Project Maxima for Review on Well, today we came home and found a nice surprise at our door at a very prompt 4-5 business days when they confirmed they were shipping it out! Packed very nicely, delivered courtesy of USPS Shipping.


**Rip on end is our opening up the package carefully**

As we inspected the inner contains of the package we found it to be in very nice shape, nice and clean.


  • Upper Main Grille *Sold Separate from Lower Grille Inserts

  • Center & Lower Grille Inserts *Sold Separate from Main Grille Insert

  • Install Instructions

  • Zip-Ties (to secure grille to car)

Stock Upper Maxima Grille: 1995 Nissan Maxima


Place the Grille-Tech Main insert above your Standard Grille, while holding it in the desired location, run a zip-tie through the very edge of the left corner as to keep visibility of the zip-ties to a minimum *demonstration in picture, not in actual location*. Proceed to fish the zip tie through the Insert and pass the factory grille, wrap the zip-tie around the back of the factory grille and connect the other end of the tie to the closest hole on the grille insert. DO NOT tighten just yet, we need to do the other side first! Once you have them secured from left and right, you need to secure top and bottom closest to the symbol as well as the edge of the insert. Make sure everything is still lined up and then you may tighten everything together.

Once everything is secure and you like the result, begin to cut the excess zip-tie from the back end of the stock grille as they will be sticking out if you did everything correctly.

Finished Product:


Stock Lower Maxima Fascia: 1995 Nissan Maxima

Center Insert Installation:

First, test fit your inserts for proper direction and fitment before you install the zip-ties and secure it down.

You may need a friend for these next two pieces as they are rather difficult to install by yourself. Find the location of the farthest left vertical grille fin, and place the zip tie through the appropriate slots in your insert as to be in direct range of the rear fin. We had to use Two (2) zip ties and secure them together to fit around the fin and loosely*for now* secure the grille. Follow the same procedure for the right side and secure from in-between the bumper *BE VERY CAREFUL -- SHARP METAL*

Finished Product:

Lower Insert Installation:

First, test fit your inserts for proper direction and fitment before you install the zip-ties and secure it down.

You can do this one by yourself, or if you aren't to inclined let a friend join in again. Begin from the Left lower edge, and feed the zip tie through the appropriate slots in your insert to match with the farthest left fin*4 fins on lower Insert* secure it loosely as usual as to not over tighten and not have access to the other fins. proceed to zip-tie loosely across the bottom edge of the fins to the insert. You may then, secure from the top portion of the fins as to give an added security, and tighten from the area in between bumper and radiator.

Finished Product:

This New face lift that Project Maxima has received is a very subtle yet, clean look and we would recommend this to anyone that wants to give there Maxima a change in the front end department! The Install was mild, as a first time project, you need to go very slow and think through where you are going to place your zip ties or you are going to be very sad if they are visible. Thank you and we wish more satisfied customers as us.

Final Pictures:


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