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Grille-Tech Product Update

Grille Tech says on their website, "Grille-Tech grilles offer PROTECTION for your vehicle", and so it does! We recently had a slew of rain storms which in turn caused some very serious flooding to occur. During those times, the radiator was very well protected as the Grille-Tech lower fascia grilles went to work and stopped debris and harsh material from getting into the engine bay and causing damage. After further inspection we note that the grille is in tip-top condition as the day it was installed all thanks to the "Thick gauge steel" these are designed with.

Cleaning is pretty simple as you can find material from your Local Automotive parts store. We recommend you purchase some waxing solution as well as some rubbing material for Grille-Tech states in their Instructions "Because our grille inserts are on the front of your vehicle and are exposed to abuse by gravel, bugs, etc., be sure to clean and wax the grille insert regularly with a high-grade automotive wax in order to prevent corrosion."

All in all, this has been a joy to have installed on our Project Maxima, and a joy to review for those up and coming Maxima Enthusiasts questioning what they should install on their Maximas next.

Pictures after 8 weeks of usage:

Parts Review