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Halo Install


Tools/ Supplies needed

1. Remove your grill

2. Lower your front Bumper

3. Remove Headlights


Headlight Disassembly write-up:

4.Open lights, (paint if needed)
5.Optional, use orange reflector as a template and cut out a clear side marker from fluorescent drop ceiling cover, bought and a home depot.
6.Attach Halos to the inner headlight cover with epoxy.
-Drill into housing for a mounting point for each bottom portion of the halo.(4 holes per headlight)
-Epoxy glue the halos into those holes you drilled.
-Use small amount of Epoxy glue to hold the upper center part of the halo to the inner cover. (this makes it stable and wont shake while driving)
7. Run the halo wires to the inverter.
-If you paint the inside housing and are going to wire these up to your fog OR parking lights, you can mount the inverter inside the headlamp where Canadian daytime running lights would go (use double sided tape). Then splice the + an - wires to the wires inside the housing. (either fog or parking lights)
-If you will be using an ON/OFF switch (so you can run them without any other lights) Lengthen the wires from each halo 12 to 18 inches and drill out the backside bulb housing (grey one for the main headlamp). Use a silicon caulk to seal it up. (allow some dry time for the caulk, otherwise it may cause moister inside the lamp) Then attach inverter to inside engine bay(outside of headlight).
8. Put Headlights back together using the oven method again.
9. Mount it to your max and Turn them on!