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Headlight Clearing DIY


Materials needed :

OEM headlight
Florescent light cover from Home Depot
sandpaper 60 grit to 100 grit
Clamps ( 2- 4 )
Knife or Flathead screwdriver

ok lets begin ... I took the headlights off and I took the HID ballast and the D2S bulbs out of them and place them away from the heat. I didn't use an oven instead used a heat gun letting me have more control .

Next when you open the headlight cover there is a screw on the lense take out the black screw and then slowly pull out the chrome piece containing the amber piece. Once done take a knife or a screw driver ( flat head ) and slowly pry out the amber piece the lower part is easier to take out but you have to jiggle out the upper part because is tight.

Take the florescent light cover * under 10 $ from home depot* and using the chisel cut a piece that can be used to trace out the amber piece in which you would replace. Use the chisel to cut the piece of florescent light cover to a smaller size or use a pair of pliers to clamp out the unnecessary pieces that are remaining and close to your out line.

Getting near the outline that you traced? Then is time to start sanding I used 60 grit and then worked with 80 to 120 .. but mostly 60 and here are the end results but close enough keep sanding until is small enough to fit back into the lenses.

Use silicone to glue it on the edges of the chrome piece all you need is to use the tip or something to align it to the edge so that it won't show the glue . next use clamps to hold it in place and leave it there until it dries. After its dried put back the chrome piece into the lenses and screw it in heat up the oven or use the heat gun to put it back together and then just repeat to the other side.

Put back your D2S bulbs and ballasts all these came off fine for me just with patience and screwdrivers.. All is done take a walk outside and put it back into the car and put it all together and get some stealth bulbs .. I used Sylvanias 1157's that are clear when off but orange when lit.

After shots: