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HKS VQ35DE Forged Engine Internals and Metal Head Gaskets

HKS VQ35DE Engine Components
HKS Forged Piston & Connecting Rod Kit and Metal Head Gasket Set are now available for the Nissan VQ35DE engine. The combination of HKS Pistons, Connecting Rods and Metal Head Gaskets strengthens the VQ35DE engine substantially and allows the engine to increases revs to 7,200RPM. The HKS Piston & Connecting Rod Kit are engineered for forced induction applications and specifically designed for the factory crankshaft. The HKS VQ35DE Metal Head Gaskets are targeted for forced induction and high-horsepower naturally aspirated applications.

The HKS VQ35DE Pistons and Connecting Rods are forged from special alloys for strength and durability over their factory counterparts. The HKS Pistons lowers the compression ratio to 9.0, and the HKS Connecting Rods utilize an I-beam structure. The VQ35DE factory connecting rods have a tapered design which is a weak-point for high-horsepower applications. HKS Connecting Rods address this weakness by maintaining thickness from end to end. To prevent the need to perform balancing modifications to the factory crankshaft, HKS Pistons weigh the same as the factory pistons, and HKS Connecting Rods have the same weight distribution as the factory connecting rod.

The HKS VQ35DE Metal Head Gaskets are 0.7mm thick and feature a 4-layer stopper-type structure. The stopper-type structure employs a stopper ring around each combustion chamber that is molded into the head gasket for a precise and strengthened seal. The factory head gasket is only made from 3 layers and has a bead-type structure. A bead-type head gasket only uses a raised bead to seal the combustion chamber.