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Hoon Lee's (Car of the Month Oct 2002)

This is story in tales the life of a 2000 Nissan Maxima in the Hands of a great owner, Hoon Lee, he has put this car to tremendous levels of quality and integrity. It has come from a almost bone stock maxima to one amazing look Supermaxima, if you dont believe me, read on..

Engine Performance

The VQ30DE is probably one of the best Japanese V6 ever built. 222 horsepower and 214ft-lbs torque is plenty for everyday driving, but not quite good enough for me. Here are some pictures of my engine performance modifications. As of 10/19/01, my horsepower and torque numbers are 204hp and 201ft-lbs torque to the wheel. This is 240hp and 236ft-lbs torque to the crank.

*This dyno was run without a fan and intake temperature of 87F. I expect higher numbers from my next dyno run since I will make sure to give more fresh and cooler air for my motor.


These are pictures of my Stillen Hi-flow intake/Premier Autoworks hybrid intake. This is one of the best intake set-up yet.

Y-pipe & GReddy Evo

These are pictures of my GReddy Evo before my Stillen kit was put on.

And these are pictures after GReddy.
*Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of my Y-pipe at this time.

Fuel Pressure Regulators

Here are my custom 2 B&M Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators(FPR) and my VDO Fuel Pressure Gauge. These units allow me to tune my car either rich/lean depending on my needs. The FPR units will regulate my fuel pressure at 45psi until the car fully opens up its throttle(WOT).

Unorthodox Racing Pulley

This is the only picture of my UR pulley at the moment(It's that blue-ish thing u see the either side of the belt!). Reviews for the UR Pulley's are mixed. Some like it and some do not. I like it though. My steering is just a tad bit stiffer than before at low speeds but my AC is not affected at all.


Stock Maximas look like a SUV. Maximas probably has one of the largest wheelgap out of all the production cars. So I went with Eibach springs and Tokico shocks set-up. The set-up seems to be very good at keeping the wheelgap at minumum and I am pleased with how my car handles.

The pictures above were taken with my friend's new 2002 Maxima SE. You can tell how much lowering my springs/shocks did for my car. Compare the height of each car.

To stiffen up my chasis a bit, I added a *Stillen Front Strut Bar. I also added a *Stillen Rear Sway Bar to flatten out my cornering.

*Pictures coming soon

Wheels, Tires & Brakes

NEW 19x8 Racing Hart by WORK Wheels with 245/35/19 Yokohama AVS Sport tires!!

The stock rotors were nothing short of horrible! They warped every 10,000 miles or after every race, and fading rather quickly. I opted for a set of front and rear custom Superslot(there are 10 slots on each rotor rather than 5 slots) with AXISS metal brake pads. On top of the superslot rotors and AXIS pads, I also added a set of stainless steel braded brake lines. Oh, did anyone notice the painted calipers too?


Anywayz..soon came the rest of my bodykit. I have always wanted to get the Stillen bodykit and I bought them at a great price! Here are many pictures of my car after Stillen bodykit. Hope you enjoy these.



One of the first things you will see as you enter my car is the Autometer gauges. I have an Oil Pressure Meter and an Air/Fuel ratio meter.

This is probably one of my favorite things on my car. It's the Joshua Tree Carbon Fiber Dash Kit. There are a total of 21 separate pieces. It really makes my interior look better. The MOMO shifter is shaped perfectly and it prevents my hand from slipping while shifting gears.

Here is a picture of my interior with my APEXi RSM(Rev and Speed Meter). I had it mounted below my head unit since I had empty slot underneath.

Razo aluminum pedals were one of the first things I bought for my car. I'd like to add Indiglo gauges, but there are none available for my car yet.



And here are two pictures of my JL 12inch subwoofer and my Alpine V12 AMP.

Plans for the Future

Other items: New clutch, Blitz MATT Type-S Turbo Timer, SMC Short-shifter and Supercharger(maybe).

The modding will continue...


Maxima of the Month