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How-to Make Custom Headlights (AE)




Flat-head Screw Driver

High-temp Engine Spray Paint

Masking Tape


Help from Y2kSESteve :)


1.  Remove the bulbs from the Headlight Assembly, and then remove the assembly itself from the car.  Information on removing the headlights has been taken off of this how-to due to the thefts.

2.  You will find 3 small screws on the backside of the assembly, remove these.  Take the headlight assembly and put into an oven at 250 degrees for probably a good 8 minutes, or until the sealant is tacky rather than tough.

3.  Once they're done, take a thin flat-headed screw driver and just start sliding the head of it through the sealant.  When you reach outer sides of the headlights, near the turn signal, you will need to be careful because you will need to slide the pieces apart, so do this part last.

4.  Once the clear plastic and chrome inside is separated from the black backing, set the black backing aside and start loosening the chrome from the plastic.

5.  Mask up any parts of the chrome that you do not want to paint, and then paint.  I used Black High-Temp Engine spray paint but you can use whatever color you'd like.

6.  Do 2-3 coats and let dry.

7.  When putting the now-painted chrome part back into the clear lens of the assembly be cautious as the sealant will remove the paint from the chrome.

8.  Put the black backing of the assembly into the oven again to get sealant soft, and once it is soft put the headlights back together.


If there is any confusion, feel free to talk to me on AIM, as I am signed on but possibly away whenever I'm not sleeping or at school.


A special thanks to Y2kSESteve, MaxDoogie, Cwally, and everyone else I consulted with in this project.


The finished product looks like this: