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How to "red-out" your tails (especially for 95/96 owners!)


I've explained this a lot of times but i thought I'd write a clean explanation on how to "red-out" your tails. This really goes out to all the 95/96 owners who want to at least get rid of the ugly ambers on their tails. This process requires some effort but is worth it in the end. There are 2 ways to red them out... using red tape or painting them. This is how to use the tape. Of course the real red/clears look great but this is a pretty simple $3 cosmetic mod!

Things you need:

-HeatGun or BlowDryer (heatgun works better)
-Soapy water (water mixed w/ dishwasher fluid works)
-Red Translucent Vinyl Tape (can be purchased at a hobby store or from - 8300 High Performance Translucent ... one sheet would be enough to cover both ambers; $3 per sheet)
-something flat and hard... a credit card works perfect


1. Wash/Clean both tails so that there isn't any dirt on them

2. Now, apply LOTS of soapy water on the tails... let it run down, it doesn't matter, but they need to be wet as you apply the tape. The reason for the soapy water is to avoid any air bubbles or having the tape annoyingly stick onto the surface where u don't want it to be.
3. Now place the tape on the ambers and position it. With the water under the tape, you will be able to move the tape and adjust it properly.

4. After adjusting it, use the credit card to squeeze out the water underneath. Start from the middle, then move outwards. Keep scraping the top of the tape so that the water underneath will squeeze out from the ends of the tape. Don't worry, the adhesive will still be 100% sticky.

5. Now that you've squeezed out as much as u can on the most flat surface and the tape is stuck to the ambers, you will realize that u have to do the outwards of the ambers where they curve. For this to be done properly, use your heatgun/blowdryer to heat the tape so that it "melts" or become softer and stretchable.

6. As you heat up the curved parts of the tape, stretch the tape out as hard as you can w/o ripping it hopefully to wrap around the curve and not form any air bubbles. CAUTION: Don't burn your fingers!

7. After doing a satisfactory job w/ the tape stuck to the ambers, use an exact-o knife or razor to cut the excess tape off. CAUTION: Don't cut yourself in this process.

Voila! No more ambers.

As you read this instructions, you may start to realize this is EXACTLY how tinting windows are done. Basically you are doing a tint job on your ambers. Good luck!


Here's a website that show's you how to red out the tails on an RSX... but it's the same process provided w/ pics. For fun... can you see a reflection of the maxima on the body of the RSX??
- Visual Instructions (RSX)

Pics of the red out done on my superblack '96