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How to remove LED blinker from side mirror


** DIY disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form, responsible for any damage (to the car, part, wiring or your person) that may occur in the process of completing this mod. **

Source Credit: member thealliance43

Here's Your basic 09 mirror. From here you take a small (tiny) flat head screw driver and take off the face plate. There is just clips, no screws holding it in.

Once the plate is off it'll look like this:

From Here your going to pull the mirror off towards you. There is clips on here as well but if you pull from the bottom and move up u'll be fine.

Once the mirror is off. You'll see the wires attached to the mirrors (if your mirrors come heated) if not they'll be no wires there.

This is the screw you need to loosen. This is what's holding the blinker on.

This is the harness for the lights. Just plug this out and your blinker will be disconnected from the mirror.