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How to remove rear deck and sound deaden it


How to remove rear deck and sound deaden it

1. Remove bottom seat cushion from rear seats by pulling on the two clips under the seat and lifting the seat in and out.

 2. You will see that there is two parts of the seat-backs that do not fold out of the way, they are on either ends of the seats right next to the doors.  There is one screw at the bottom of these cushions that holds it in place, unscrew it and slide the cushion up to free it. 

 3. Fold rear seats down, if not already down, to reveal black lining with flat-topped clips holding it in.   There should be 6 clips total.  Using a flat-head screw driver, remove these clips.  I broke 2 of these being impatient and getting pissed, so don't worry about it if they break.

 4. Once you have removed the three black plastic liners that are behind the back seat, you will reveal part of the un-seen rear deck.  This part houses the 4 clips needed to be taken off to release that side of the deck.  These clips are not screws, even though they look like screws.  Use the thinnest-flat head screw-driver you can find to release these clips.  To release them, put the screw-driver head between the screw-looking piece and the outer ring.  Then just pry it up.  Putting the screw-driver between the lining of the rear deck and the bottom of the clip will not work, you will just break them and they will fly at you with extreme speed.

 5. Remove the third brake light and the child-seat clips from the rear deck.  Lastly if you look to the right and left of the rear windshield you will see two plastic pieces of trim that covers up the sides of the car.  These have to be removed to release the rear deck.  This, for me, was the hardest part.  There are 4 clips holding these in, one visible the rest are not.  Pull out the bottom one first, and then just pull with all your might to get the rest out.

 7. The deck is now free.  Slide the deck down, as the seat belts still run through it so you do not have total freedom with it.  I purchased a twin-sized high quality foam mattress pad from my local Fry?s for $13 with my VIP card.  The foam is more than enough for the license plate and rear deck, I used less than half of mine.

 8. Cut the foam into a rectangle roughly the size of the deck.  Then take that piece of foam and lay it under the rear deck and trace the rear deck.   Make sure to trace where to cut out holes for the push pins, and big areas for the seat belts to keep this mod safe.

 9. I had to cut off about 4 inches from the left and right side of the foam to leave enough room for the side trimmings to fit back in, so I suggest you do the same.