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Hyper Grounding System


I bought a universal hyper grounding system kit from Ebay.

I installed this kit today it took me about 30 minutes total. I have an Optima Yellow Top Dual Post Battery so I went to my local NAPA Auto Parts store and bought some screw in side post battery terminals. I put one of them on my "spare" negative battery terminal.

1. The 1st longest wire to my timing chain cover. 10mm bolt

2. The 2nd longest wire I ran to the passenger side headlight ground. 10mm bolt

3. The 3rd longest wire I bolted it to a bolt on the intake manifold. 12mm bolt

4. The 4th longest wire I bolted to the throttle body. 12mm bolt

5. The 5th longest wire I bolted to the driver?s side headlight ground located in the far corner (very hard to get to) of the fender well. 10mm bolt

I have noticed a little better idle and my lights shine brighter and my music hits harder and I can play it louder. Plus it adds more color to my engine bay.