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Indiglo Gauges


1. Remove the screws of the upper Dashboard
2. Take out the whole set of dashboard & disconnect the back wire cluster.
3. Remove the transparent plastic cover of the dashboard.
4. Remove all the screws from the original gauge face.
5. Carefully slide in the luminous digits onto the surface of the original gauges without removing the gauges needles.
6. Re aim at the luminous dial and screw back. (do not over tight to avoid short circuit)
7. Carefully put the transparent plastic cover back.
8. Connect the wires to the headlight power supply (red wire for positive electrode: black wire for negative electrode)
9. Connect all the wires of luminous dials to the inverter (Find a suitable area to install the adjustable switch)
10. Put back the dashboard and screw up.

Download scanned version (right click and save as)