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Install an 07 Spoiler


You will need the following:
1. Power Drill
2. Play-Doh
3.Drill Bit Set
4. Measuring tape.
5. Blue tape if you are doing it alone.
6. Heavy Duty 16 Gauge wire kit (You will only need about 1 1/2 feet)
7. Black Electric tape
8. Regular metal hanger/ 3/16 rope

1. Place (2 to 3) play-doh near where you think the holes might be.
2. Once you are sure you have a perfect fit and it's aligned properly, press down to create a mold of the holes.
3. You will need a 7/32 drill bit. (If I'm not mistaken) Just drill away with precision.
4. Direct Light cable through the hole. Keep it inside the trunk.


5. Guide it through until you hit the left end side.
6. Pull out the rubber cable protector. (WARNING: it took me a very long time to make the cable go in and make come out the other end.)
7. Connect end of the regular light cable to the new extension cable (1 1/2 feet just to be safe) Tape naked connections.
8. Tape rope to the straighten out hanger end. Find your way through towards the right and through the hole of the back light, until it's visible from outside.


Pull out rope and hanger end very carefully. Remove the tape and hanger.
10. Tie the end of the cable to the end of the rope
11. Pull rope from inside the car towards the 3rd light brake hole.
12. Expose 1/2 inch of the 3rd brake light cable and attach the ends of the brake light spoiler cable. Tape it up, plug 3 light cable unit to its original connection. and put it back in place.


Don't forget to screw the screws to the spoiler, otherwise, bye bye mod.

This should be your end result. Hope this helps future mods