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Install a 350Z Dead Pedal


This is one CRUDE way to install this, so don't believe this is the BEST or ONLY way!


1-Mark 350Z dead pedal backing plate (BLACK plastic structure) along the sides ~3/4-1" below the aluminum plate. Choose a depth greater than the aluminum plates' overhanging lip and BELOW the (5)screws mounts.
2-Remove the (5)screws(4-polished and 1-black center) and place the aluminum plate in a safe location. It bends EXTREMELY easy, so DON'T sit on it!!!.
3-Use a fine toothed hack saw to cut along the mark made in Step 1 and toss the cutaway backing.
4-Remove door step panel and kick panel (below fuse panel) by pulling on snaps and loosening the plastic nut.
5-Pull back the carpet exposing the Maximas' built-in metal dead pedal.
6-Line up the 350Z pedal to get a rough IDEA where your going to drill.
7-Drill 3-4 holes through the carpet/metal dead pedal in a suitable location.
8-Place the 350Z pedal over the OEM dead pedal location and drive drywall screws or similar through the pedal/carpet into the 3-4 holes drilled previously (VERY VERY HARD PART! Otherwise, piece of cake).
9-Put the aluminum plate back on and secure with the 5-screws.
10-Replace interior panels.

Cut Away Backing

PICS Installed