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Install an RPM Shift Lite


Tools needed:

  • Phillips & flat head screwdriver

  • 10 & 12mm socket

  • 6" extension

  • MINI drill (i.e. Dremel) or butane-powered soldering iron

  • Electrical tape.

WARNING: These are JUST directions. I am NOT liable if you mess up your car. Use common sense when attempting this or ANY mod. Always use caution when it comes to electricity. WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING!

Set the height of the steering column to the lowest it can go.
Remove the plastic bottom cover to the steering column, it's the piece that's above your knee. There are two screws near the bottom, and then pull out.
Remove the Metal shield covering the bottom of the steering column. Two 10 mm bolts here.
Remove the bolts holding the steering column up, two 12mm bolts. Use the extension if you have trouble reaching up in there. Drop the steering column down.
Unscrew 2 screws holding in the top of the dash, it's the plastic cover underneath that overhang. Pop down the top half way. Using some firm BUT consistent pressure, pull back on it, removing the cover from the dash. There are four little clips that are holding it in, so be sure to find those clips. Unhook the cables that are attached to the cruise control and dimmer switches.
Remove the three screws holding in the dash cluster.
Pulling out the Gauge Cluster, look on the back. There are silver screws, note the one that says TAM next to it, it's right behind the tachometer. THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL LINK THE RPM WIRE TO!
Find a location for the shift light. I Choose right on the dash, near the pillar, facing me.

Mark the places where you'd like to put in the screws that hold it in place with a pen.

Then using a mini drill, poke down thru the vinyl covering, thru the plastic underneath. it's tough, but GO SLOW. you don't want to miss your designated spots.
Once you have the two holes for the screws, TEST FIT the RPM shift light. GOOD. now on to drilling the hold thru for the wires.
Mark the spot for the wires to go thru and drill. If you don't have a drill, use a butane soldering iron to melt the plastic and create a hole big enough for the wires to go thru. Once that's done, pull the wires thru.
Now, screw in the shift light. Aim it correctly. :) SELECT 6 cylinder on the back if you haven't done so already...
Now pull the wires and Zip tie them or tape them up a bit, to reduce clutter.
If yours is an AUTO METER PRO-SHIFT LITE, the RPM wire should be green. Choose the RPM wire from your shift light, and attach it to the screw next to TAM. Pull out the screw completely, and either solder the wire to it, or wrap it around the screw and put back in.
Attach the BLACK or GROUND wire to the screw that is labeled "GND" or "GRND". That's ground genius...
For the (+) Red wire, you want it to run to a switched source, meaning when u turn on the car, the shift light will turn on... Run the wire behind the dash, behind the radio and down to where the cigarette lighter is.
Pop off that plastic cover next to the shifter and you'll see the cig lighter attached to a red/black wire with a harness. UNCLIP the cig adapter and look at the RED wire. this is (+)
19 CAREFULLY cut off the RUBBER, NOT CUT THROUGH. CUT OFF the rubber, exposing the wire.
20 With the red wire from the RPM shift light, wrap that around the red wire from the cig adapter.
21 What the hell? It's beeping! CRAP!....Oh ... that's my watch. Nevermind.
22 Tape it up with electrical tape, make sure the contacts of the two wires are good before doing so. Reconnect the harness to the cig adapter and plastic piece...
23 Turn on your car. If you have the AutoMeter Pro-Shift light, the shift lite should have blinked on as a test.
24 If it blinked, then proceed to rev up to the 3000 TEST pill that it should have came with. If you don't have a test pill, just rev up to the designated RPM you chose. It should blink. IF NOT: check your connections to the gauge cluster.
25 If everything is A-OK, put back the gauges, and the steering column.
26 :) it's done. rejoice. tada. :)
27 I recommend setting the pills to about 200-400 LESS than what you want to shift at because your reaction to that light isn't as fast as you thought it would. I want to shift at redline, but i put the pill to 6.2K so that when i see it flash it's time to change... :)
28 Go speed racer... go..