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Install the USA Spec iPod/iPhone Interface


A note: There are many ways to attach an iPod or iPhone to your car. I saw the USA Spec kit as the best option for several reasons: it lets you control your iPod/iPhone from the stereo and steering wheel (as well as still using the iPod click wheel), it charges your iPod/iPhone, and the sound quality is unparalleled. This How To is written for someone who has very little experience working on their car. I wrote it this way on purpose. If you live in Austin or San Antonio, I would be happy to help you with this install for free.

These are the tools I used: 2 phillips screwdrivers, 2 flat head screwdrivers, 12mm socket wrench, drill, USA Spec iPod to Nissan Interface, Model PA11-NIS (139.99 from Crutchfield)

Steps: Most have pictures; some don't1. Open USA Spec adapter kit and make sure all contents are present: interface brain, iPod/iPhone cord, radio/interface cord.2. Set parking break. Disconnect negative (-) battery terminal. Remember, doing this will reset all trip mileage and radio stations.3. Remove center A/C vent. If you're strong enough, it can be done without tools, like in the picture. Otherwise, use a flat head screwdriver wrapped in a towel.

4. Unscrew 2 phillips screws from top of radio. Place these on a mat together so you'll remember where they came from.

5. Remove coin tray. Unscrew single black screw with phillips head. In an automatic, it may help to move the gear shift level backwards. Since the battery is disconnected, you wont be able to do this. With a flat head, lift out the silver plastic tab that's in front of the gear shift lever. Insert Maxima key into slot, push down, and the gear lever should move.

6. Remove the trim piece by inserting a very thin flat head between trim piece and center console.

7. Gently remove trim piece, and lift over gear shift. Hang trim piece on left side of center console.

8. Remove 2 black phillips screws from center console.

9. Open main box of center console. Remove 1 black phillips screw from under carpet. Put with other 2 black phillips screws.

10. From the back seat, remove 2 black phillips screws from sides of center console. Don't remove the small ones; just the big ones. If you're like me, you'll have to reconnect the battery to scoot the seats forward.

11. From the back seat, pull center console up and unplug the clip that powers the rear cigarette lighter. Lift center console up and maneuver it over the gear shift lever and parking brake. Remove from car. This might be a good time for some Windex and a rag, if yours is anywhere near as dirty as mine was.

12. Remove 2 phillips screw from bottom of climate control. Set aside with 2 identical screws from top of radio.

13. Pull radio out.14. Connection time. This should be obvious, but I'll explain. From back of radio, remove larger wire clip by inserting flat head and pulling wire (hard!). Plug this male end into the only female connector from the USA Spec radio/interface cord.

15. Plug the larger of the USA Spec male clips into the large hole you just removed a clip from.

16. Plug the last USA Spec male clip into the hole on the left side of the radio (you're looking at it backwards, so it'll be on your right).

17. Put the radio back in. Bring the USA Spec radio/interface cord behind radio and connect it to the interface brain. Plug the iPod/iPhone cord into the brain, and select which setting you want by flipping the switches. We went with 1 ON, 2 OFF, so we could control the iPod/iPhone from the car and also the iPod.

18. Stash the brain in front of the gear shift assembly.

19. Now it's time to decide where you want your iPod/iPhone cord to come out. On one of our cars, we decided to use the main center console box, and on the other we tried the cup holder. It's up to you.

20. It's a good idea to test that everything works before putting the car back together. Reconnect the negative battery terminal and plug in your iPod/iPhone. Turn the radio on and see if all the controls work.

21. Put the center console back in from the back seat. Reconnect the cigarette lighter plug.

22. Put all screws back where they came from.

23. Re-insert the central A/C vent.

24. Jam out to your new tunes!