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Installing Sportwing moldings


This is a How to install Sportwing moldings. I have used them on multiple vehicles in the past and this company has an excellent product. You order them with the color code and they paint them for you.

Where to purchase:
Yes, there are some molding companies on eBay, but do you want to risk inferior products on your pride & joy, especially to save a few dollars? hell no. These aren't really expensive anyway.

Here are the body colored moldings resting on the hood

IMPORTANT: Do not rush any step. If you think you are short on time, don't attempt this.

total time: 60-90 mins ... remember, you will be taking your time and remeasuring again and again

1) park on level ground
2) get a tape measure
3) get a level
4) get some tape that you'll place on the paint. make sure to not use something that is super sticky
5) have a few of your own isopropyl alcohol pads (not necessary, but will be nice to have)

How to
1) The directions they provide tell you this and believe it. It is best to have the molding at room temp. I placed them on the warm engine while I prepped the car. ALSO, the doors of the car will have to be warm, a hair dryer will do the job. Of course, if the weather is warm already, no need for the hair dryer.

2) read the directions and read them again

3) wash the doors of your car

4) thoroughly dry the doors (use a hair dryer if necessary)

5) The directions said to use masking tape and to place a strip down the door. I considered that but the likelihood of not getting the tape straight is 100%. I went with a few small pieces of duct tape. The directions tell you where to measure and how far up to place the initial marking tape. I made my marks on the front and rear door as the directions stated.

6) I then used a level and held it against the car and used the level to place a few more pieces of tape, that I know are level on the doors. If the level is metal, make sure not to slide it on the paint!

7) place the tape on both sides of the car

8) re-measure the starting points again

9) check the level again... and again (seriously, do this multiple times)

10) follow the directions provided for cleaning. They say to use the isopropyl alcohol pad and wipe the paint lower than your level marks. The pads they provide may or not be moist, this is where you would use your own.

11) use the cleaning stick that they provide. follow their directions EXACTLY. this is heavy duty stuff. If you want to be safe, don't use as much as they say.

12) let it all dry

13) go get a long molding piece as you will do the front door first.

14) if the temperature is 70+, no need to do this step. Take the hair dryer and heat up the door where you will be placing the molding. get the door "warm" or "room temp".

15) Peel off the pointy end tape backing completely. There is a small piece here

16) peel back the tape backing on the squared end, about 3" It will be easier pulling the tape off if you start this with the red tape paper hanging down.

17) Place the square end near the door edge, not too far, not too close


18) use the tape as a guide and lightly touch both ends of the molding to the door. Use the level to double check, re-adjust as needed. use the level again and check again... and again.

19) when you are satisfied, SLOWLY pull the red tape backing as you press down the molding. do maybe 3 inches at a time. Slow and steady here

Firmly press the entire piece down. I pressed it down three times.

Here is what you will have at this point:

20) do the same sort of placing for the back door (follow steps 13-19 for the small piece)

When starting to place the small piece, I used the level and held that against the front door piece and verified that the rear door's molding piece will be level. I would trust that measure over the tape on the door as if the front piece is slightly off, make sure the rear piece is also slightly off. People will visually see if the two molding pieces are not level to each other.

21) pull the duct tape off the door and here is what you have!

22) now redo the entire process for the other side of the car