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Installing Strut bars


Tools needed: 14mm (for 95-98) or 19mm (for 99-00) sockets, torque wrench
Start by removing the three 14mm nuts on each side of the strut assembly. (if you have a 99 or 00, it's 19mm) You know, the ones that hold in your struts... hence the name, STRUT BAR.
Loosely place the front strut bar in the holes and press down so that the brackets are FLUSH with the body. Once they are, EXPAND the bar, so they're a bit snug, by either rotating the strut bar so that the bases get further apart, or removing the brackets and loosening it . You want to have it set farther apart to push the two struts apart, causing more structural rigidity.
WARNING.. bling! bling! When you're putting back the three nuts, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! Torque to 30 pounds +/- 2. You do not want to have the bolts stripped. If you have them too tight, when you corner hard, you might rip the bolts off, so be smart. don't over tighten.
4 Once that's tightened, it's all good. Done with that.
5 Ohhhh. so you got the rear one too, eh? Well, it doesn't do much, but what the heck. If you don't have the rear SWAY bar, Get it.. it's worth it.
6 Remove the carpeting on both sides.
7 Take a look at the shock mounts. There should be two nuts there, 14mm. Remove from both sides and test fit the bracket. If it doesn't fit, you can bend the metal out of the way (the one that's welded close to it because it's only there for cosmetics, and not really for structural purposes.. it's supposed to curve the carpet.. :P
8 I said TEST FIT, not tighten, because now, you'll have to CUT HOLES (squares) through the carpeting where the strut bar is. Mark the approximate height and cut an even 2 inch x 2 inch square.
9 Do that to the other side.
10 Now you can tighten the nuts, make sure you expand the bar so it spreads the two strut towers. Torque it to 30 pounds. and then you're set
11. Good job! Time for a cervesa.
12 Done.