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Interior LED Bulb Swap


What you need:
09 Nissan Maxima
LED bulbs size 194/168
Butterknife (manual says to use a screwdriver w/ cloth but I don't recommend it, it left dents on my first install)

First off, order your bulbs, I purchased mine from V-Leds ( I purchased super-whites but the color and style is up to you, keeping in mind that some colors may be illegal in your state. My total for 14 bulbs (I got 2 different types) was $65 and that includes shipping which only took 2 days.

I appologize if the pictures are not discriptive enough or quality enough, and in some pictures my bulbs may seem blue but they are white. Before you start your self-install make sure the lights are set to OFF so the bulbs are not hot when you pull them out. I also recommend starting with the step lights (lights on the bottom of the doors) first becuase those always stay on and you can't turn them off. Test each bulb after you install it, to test just simply turn the light switch on then back off, if it doesn't light up just take the bulb out and turn it opposite side and put it back in.

Pop out the light covers with the butterknife, don't be afraid to apply pressure to the "pop". After you pop out one end you can simply pop out the other end or just pull out the cover, gently but again don't be afraid to use strength. Pull the bulbs straight out and install your LED bulbs straight in. To put the covers back on simply snap them back in place.


For the feet lights, you need to really get down there. Grab the base of the light that the 2 wires are going into, twist it (I forgot which direction but it should only take light pressure), and pull out. After that the pull the bulb straight out like before and install the new LED bulb. Put the base thing back into it's place and turn it to lock it back in there. This is the same for driver and passenger feet lights except the lights are aimed differently.

*For the trunk light simply look inside your trunk at the light, that dome cover over the light is being held in place by a "clip", just stick your finger inbetween the dome cover and "clip" and pull the dome cover down gently. The bulb pulls straight out.*

For the license plate lights, you need to open the trunk and remove the 2 black rubber pieces and about 5 black plastic pieces. You don't need to take them all off, just enough so you can pull the cover down to get to the lights and wires. When the trunk is open, pop to 2 clips at the top, 2 clips at the top sides, and the 1 clip in the middle-right. To pop those clips insert your butterknife into the middle part of the clip, not the base part of the clip. Pop that part up and simply pull the clip out from there. To get to the bulbs you need to again twist the 2 grey light bases that the black wire is going into, again with light pressure, not sure which direction, then pull out. Pull the bulbs straight out and install your new LED bulbs straight in. Put the 2 grey light bases back into it's place and twist them back into position. Put the trunk cover back up and plug the 2 rubber things in then the clips. For the clips you must insert them the same way you pulled them out, the middle piece has to be away from the base piece.

Re-install the clips like this

Finished Product: