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Ionic Dynamics Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid

Ionicdynamics and Jason Sadler bring the maxima community a full carbon fiber trunk lid. This trunk lid is completely bolt on and guarantees 100% fitment, it will line up with rear quarter panels, bumper and tail lights. There were multiple molds made to ensure perfect design and to allow for stock mounting points and parts to line up like OEM (trunk keyhole was shaved for the simple fact that a lot of people shave it off anyway, and it makes for a much easier production unit).

A group deal will be started by mid-late next week, and pricing will be determined then (as well as installed pictures). Obviously the first group deal on these will have the best pricing, so be sure to jump on it as soon as it is posted. This product is ready to go and will be for sale next week. If there are any 5th gen and 3rd gen guys interested in getting a carbon fiber trunk made as well please contact Jason? We need about 10+ people for 5th and 3rd gens to get them created.

"Jose (owner of Ionicdynamic) and his shop have spent a ton of time on this project and his customer service is beyond great. I personally think that we should reap the benefits of someone interested in making new and custom products (especially when others front the initial costs)." - Jason Sadler


Pictures inside (courtesy of Jason Sadler)

Entire lid..

Another angle..

Close up of inner tail light and carbon fiber weave..

Underside of the trunk lid (will be cleaned up obviously and is a flat black)..

Closer picture of the underside..

As mentioned, installed pictures will come next week with the group deal, but fitment is a 100% guarantee; these pictures do not show the trunk lid wet sanded and buffed, nor the underside edges smoothed out and finished. As far as weight goes, stock trunk lid is 35-40lbs (to my knowledge) and this trunk lid will weigh 8-12lbs.