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IPCW LED Taillight Review

In the dawn of the 6th gen modification craze, In Pro Car Wear out of Commerce California has come to the plate with an all new LED Taillight Product which will definitely spark a new style of class and uniqueness. IPCW has mentioned that this product is a perfect replacement product for the OEM unit and we at VQpower will be putting this product to the test on our new 2004 Nissan Maxima Project Car. Please be sure to take note that this product comes in an array of different styles (Crystal Clear, Bermuda Black, Ruby Red, and Platinum Smoke).


  • 2004-2008 Nissan Maxima

Additional Note:

  • Available Colors: (Crystal Clear, Bermuda Black, Ruby Red, and Platinum Smoke)

  • Red to Green/White
    Black to White/Black

Part Number Information:*

  • Ruby Red (LEDT-1112CR)

Where To Purchase:

Tools Required for Installation:

  • Sockets and Wrenches

  • Screw drivers

  • Masking Tape

Pre-Installed Product:

Installation Process: OEM Light Removal

It is highly recommended that you disconnect the battery prior to installing this modification as improper installation could damage electrical parts!

To begin the installation of the new LED Taillights start by popping the trunk of your car and unhooking the cargo net from the driver side area of the trunk space. Once that is moved out of the way, begin unclipping the various clips and finish pieces to gain access to the mounting area. With a flat head screw driver carefully pry off the wiring harness clip from the now exposed 10mm fasteners. Loosening these two(2) nuts will now allow you to firmly take hold of the light as depicted in the pictures below and give a solid but cautious tug straight out to dislodge the light from the body of the car. Disconnect all light bulbs from the assembly and place it aside.

Installation Process: LED Taillight Installation

Now that you have the OEM light assemblies aside, remove the body paneling from them to transfer over to your new LED assemblies. This procedure requires just a Philips screw driver to remove the 4 mounting screws. Replace the body panel onto the new unit and screw in reverse order. To complete the installation of the unit you will need to remove all the factory bulbs from their sockets on the OEM harness because we will not be using them other than the reverse light bulbs. Now to match the OEM harness to the supplied LED harness (Red to Green/White --- Black to White/Black). Once complete you may now replace the new units onto the car but do not secure them just yet, test to make sure the system is fully functioning and secure it in place. Reinstall the taillight assembly and proceed to the other side, repeat.

Product Review:

Excellent light output
Excellent build quality
Easy to install
Reasonable Pricing

Minuet bulb holder modification necessary (may not be necessary)

Completed Product


These are by far an excellent product, with outstanding light output and identical build quality to the factory unit! A+ on all aspects (Performance, Fitment, and most importantly Style), great job IPCW on this unit we recommend them to anyone! We will be doing a longer term evaluation of this product to test the LED's lifespan and daily use functionality.

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