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IRotors 1994-2001 MAXIMA Front/Rear Combo

When you are barreling down the road in your Maxima and its about that time to hit the brakes. Don't you wish they would stop that much more and not be so slushy?? Well IRotors may have something to solve all of your braking system woe's come in and check out what they have to offer you all. It surely wont break your wallet and add some style to your ride all at the same time.

Basing our review from factory rotors there are two additions to these new IRotors, one being the slotted and drilled nature of these rotors and also the Zinc plating which is meant to prevent these rotors from rusting while the car is not in use. As you may notice these start out as being standard Brembo blank rotors and are then slotted and drilled at the IRotors facility. Also in the pictures you may notice that the IRotors are of equal size to that of factory meaning you will not need larger than 17" wheels if you are concerned about that. In the second set of pictures below you will notice the almost equal size and measure of the IRotors compared to factory.





High Quality Brembo Rotors
Equally sized to OEM Rotors
Heat is dispersed quickly
Zinc Plating (stated on site)


Drills may lead to cracking (more testing needed)
Initial whoosing from rotors while braking

Comparison: Stock Rotor over IRotors




  • 94-01 Nissan Maximas

  • 96-99 Infiniti I30s

Additional Note:


Part Number Information:

  • 1994-2001 MAXIMA Front/Rear Combo
    NIC-13 $229

Where To Purchase:

  • Irotors 1994-2001 MAXIMA Front/Rear Combo

    Irotors: (888) 8-ROTORS)

    Sales Department

Tools Required for Installation:

  • Sockets and Rear Brake caliper tool

  • Jack Stands

  • WD-40/Liquid Wrench

  • Possibly a hammer (removal of factory rotors)

  • Anti-seize

Installation Process: FRONT

Accidents happen, PLEASE USE CAUTION, allow the brake system to cool before working on the car.


Get the car up enough on your jack stands or lift so that their is enough room to pull the wheels out from the car. Using a 14mm and 17mm socket remove the caliper and torque member/caliper bracket making sure to remove the caliper first. Now that you have removed the caliper and bracket, all that is left is to remove the rotor. The rotor should just fall out if you are lucky, but in some cases you will need to give it a couple taps with a hammer of some sort to dislodge them from the hub. There we are, factory rotor is off and IRotor is ready to be placed on.



Now that you've successfully removed the factory rotor, all that needs to be done is replace the IRotors. Put on your new pads, and reconstruct the brake assembly making sure that the brake fluid isn't pouring out from the reservoir in the engine bay while you compress the piston enough to fit them over the new rotors. Repeat on the other side and your fronts are complete. *Apply anti-seize to guide pins(14mm) for easy motion and equal braking force across the pads.*

Installation Process: REAR

The front is done, and you have the rear up on the Jack/Jack stands ready to go. Start by removing the tires as usual and unbolting the caliper (14mm) and torque member/caliper bracket (19mm). The rotors should fall out but in some cases will need some taping from a hammer to help break them loose. Replace with new IRotors and reconstruct brake system. Repeat on opposite side.

Breaking in new Rotors:

There are plenty of different techniques to breaking in new rotors/pads feel free to follow whichever you wish, but take caution as you are using new equipment and that initial test might not working too great so take it slow.

Installation Process: Finished Product
Parts Review