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Japanese One-piece Cefiro Headlights

Yes, that is right ONE piece headlights for your Maxima or I30! These are OEM equiptment deriving from the Nissan Cefiro in Japan so that provides a direct bolt-on fit to your Infiniti I30. To have them install on your Maxima would require some slight modification to the assembly itself NOT to your car body. There are little downsides that you have to take in consideration as far as there is a SMALL gap where the headlight meets the fender edge, and all you need to remove your weather stripping around the light for them to fit just right*Only applies to the Maxima, minor modification to fit the I30*

These bulbs are special because they do away with the 9004 bulb system and move on to the H4 type which provides much clearer and crisp degrees of light on the road. To improve your visiblity even more, you can even had an HID system with it and dazzle your passengers with the added light, and provide your car with sleek Mercedez Benz look. You used to be able to only acquire this type of merchanise through importing and that would cost an arm and a leg, but now a coming up company by the name of RedlineMax now has these avaliable for purchase and they also include the HID system in your purchase!

For more information on these and how to get a pair of your own, please Contact US