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Jon (Car of the Month May 2006)

Jon has the right idea set for his 05 Maxima.... Read on to see what I mean.

  • Active Tuning Grounding Kit
  • Injen CAI
  • Greddy Exhaust
  • CE Y-Pipe (on order)



  • RTP rotors slotted and drilled
  • 245/40/19Hankook Ventus Sport K104 Tires
  • 19" Nismo Wheels.
  • Cattman Springs and RSB













  • 5% tints and a 35% on the front windshield
  • Painted Gold Calipers
  • Smoked/Gold Clearance lights
  • ActiveTuning S4 Grille






  • Stock Bose with 1200 watt Rockford amp and single titanium AudioBahn 12"
Maxima of the Month