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Jon Sutter (Car of the Month June 2005)

Jon has gone through multiple spring combos to find which he liked most... Read on to see what I mean.


Engine Performance










  • STILLEN Hi-Flow Intake
  • Warpspeed aluminized and mandrel bent Y pipe
  • Car Sound high flow cat
  • Ground wire kit
  • Oil catch can
  • Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil
  • Pacesetter Quick Shift
  • 2k OEM pressure plate with OEM clutch disc
  • Stainless steel clutch line
  • Redline MT-90 synthetic gear lube
  • Chrome oil cap
  • Red and black engine theme
  • OEM Black fluid caps
  • Black spark plug cover
  • Semi-Polished valve cover and timing chain cover

Wheels, Tires, Suspension, & Brakes










  • Canuck Motorsports springs
  • KYB AGX struts
  • STILLEN front strut bar
  • Generic rear strut bar
  • Pirelli P Zero Nero 225/50/16 tires
  • Ben's Suspension rear mounts
  • 5mm wheels spacers in rear
  • Axxis metal master brake pads
  • Synthetic brake fluid









  • 9007 bulb conversion
  • Independent fog light rewire
  • Dallas Taillight Mod
  • Clear spoiler light
  • Euro style Rear Fog Light
  • STILLEN Aero Kit
  • Carbon Fiber hood
  • Ventshades Classic Wind deflectors
  • Ventshades Vent visor
  • Black trunk keyhole
  • Black "Maxima" trunk emblem
  • Bronze wheels
  • MAXIMA.ORG stickers ;)







  • 2k1 Maxima Anniversary Edition shift knob
  • 350Z Dead Pedal
  • Black 2k1 "Maxima" emblem on dash
  • Black 2k1 "SE" emblem on ashtray
  • Black headliner
  • Black rear dash
  • Black trunk trim
  • RedlineGoods leather shifter and E brake boots
  • Chrome gauge rings
  • Auto Loc One Touch Sunroof
  • Alpine HU
  • Bose tweeters added to rear speakers
Track Mods


  • 89 GXE wheels painted black with 205/65/15, only 34 lb combo
  • Manual fan switch
  • Many weight reductions
Maxima of the Month