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Knock Sensor Replacement


All that you will really need for this is:

1. The replacement knock sensor
2. 12mm wrench
3. Flashlight
4. Patience
5. Gloves
6. Flat head screwdriver, or needle nosepliers (to remove harness clip)

Its a pain in the *** and you will most likely bleed, especially if you have large hands. It took me about 15-20 minutes to do. The hardest part is squeezing the little wrench in the crevice and trying to loosen the one bolt. Once its loose though, it shouldn't take you more then 5 minutes to put the new one in.

1. What you need.

2. Knock Sensor Location

3. Unbolt the knock sensor with your 12mm wrench. *Hardest part, I actually got a hammer and pulled it against the wrench as a lever to get the bolt loose. Be patient, once its finally loose you can unbolt it with your finger.


4. Take knock sensor with the harness and put it on a flat surface. (On the Engine)

5. Inspect the knock sensor for damage/corrosion.

Woah this bad boy needs to be replaced. Look at that crack down the middle.

6. With needle nose pliers or a flathead slide the metal clip on the harness up. Don't take it off though

Attach the replacement knock sensor in the harness and slide the clip down to secure it.

8. Be careful not to drop knock sensor when manuevering through the crevice. Screw in the bolt by hand. And tighten it slightly.

Job done.

You just saved yourself hundreds of dollars, and a few hours of manual labor.