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KONI Sport Inserts Install


Things to know before Installation


  • The Koni YELLOW inserts do not come with instructions, only torque values. Read the Koni technical guide for details. (link: guide.pdf)
  • Inserts fit OEM struts. May not fit KYB.
  • Insert is 2 inches in diameter. Body is 14 inches long. If you know how to replace the coil spring of a strut, and re-install, then this project is not difficult.
  • Read ESM(Service Manual) if you are unfamiliar with suspension components, Get a copies at (link:

Mark the position of the top pieces of the strut (warning: may get wiped off during disassembly/re-assembly). OEM is marked. Easy. Aftermarket springs will make it harder without your own markings.

Disassemble the strut and cut the strut just under the weld as described by Koni. For the Maxima, I cut off an extra quarter inch because the top section near the weld has the OEM casing of the shock and is solid metal. Also, near the weld are ticker walls and the insert will not go in unless you shave some metal off with a drill bit. Cutting one quarter inch below the weld is like cutting through butter. I used a metal blade ($6 at Home Depot) on a circular saw. Polish the sharp edges off. Remove metal shavings inside strut. Temporarily insert strut and remove.

Drill a hole in the bottom, as instructed by Koni. Make sure the hex bolt fits. Remove metal shavings inside strut. Temporarily insert strut and check that the hole is centered enough to screw the bolt on. Rotating the insert can help line up the threads. Or make the hole a bit larger. Remove insert. Final cleaning inside strut.

I painted the top of the insert black to avoid the probing eye of my dealership. If you paint, remove any paint from piston rod afterward.

Insert rubber boot near the top half way over the cut. This will prevent water from getting inside the strut later. Because the insert is not press fit, some very small play exist. You can use silicone or gasket maker. I sprayed undercoating on the top six inches of the insert. I then pushed the insert in. Install the bottom bolt (Check the Koni instructions) and torque.

The final picture is missing but unroll the big rubber band over the cut you made to prevent water from entering inside the strut.

Last. The top strut cover bearing must be modified slightly. Shave off the small notch inside the center with a drill bit. Its less than a quarter inch deep.

Clean everything before re-assembly. I lubricate the strut parts with white grease. Remember to leave no parts behind. The dust boot over the piston rod, top and bottom rubber insulator for the spring, etc. Line up the top pieces of the strut properly. OEM is marked. Easy. If you never took a strut apart, read the service manual, and get help from a friend. This is a suspension component attached to the body. Handle with care.

On soft setting, rebound is as soft as OEM, if not better