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Kuni's Datsun 1200 Sunny Truck

Datsun introduced the 1200 truck series in 1971 which used the B110 platform (wheelbase + running gear) as the datsun sunny passenger car. Powering this unit was an economical 1.2L 70hp A12- series engine which could easily top 29city/38hwy, blah blah blah... Here comes Kuni who is well known for shoehorning a SR20DE with a splash of nitrous into this very light weight sub 2000lbs pickup.

"When Kuni first got the truck it got an A15 swap, then the SR20DE so it seems natural progression to go to this VQ35 and stuff it into the incredibly small engine bay of this equally small sunny truck. This is a drag car which I suppose is probably a good thing, I can’t imagine it handling to well with such a large engine up front. If you check out the post of it when it had the SR20, you can see that the radiator setup has been relocated to the tray already and if you look at the first photos you can see the exhaust exiting straight out the side of the car. Every bit of room in the engine bay and weight over the rear axle helps. "

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