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LED Tailight Replacement


Instructions on how to replace stock taillight bulbs with LED's (or can be followed for regular bulb replacement)


I bought these particular bulbs from it's the Light Tower II. I've tried out many different bulbs and these finally work.

20 Powerful Wide Angle Oval LEDS

These Bulbs have Advanced Patent Pending Control Circuitry Found in no Other LED Bulbs

These are the most advanced led bulb assemblies ever produced.

More powerful than any other automotive leds made.

15 side facing LEDS

5 forward facing LEDS

We require the 3157 bulb (not 1157) So you'll need 4 3157 Red for the rear (dual circuit, parking light/blinker or brake)
The front Ambers are 1157 (socket type not wedge type)

Here's the bulbs I used for the rear side marker lights
(I also used these for the reverse, foot wells, license plate and stock alarm light)

I also ordered 2 3ohm (One on each side covers front and rear) load equalizers as well because I have the fast blinking dilemma you get with LED's. The load resistor simulates the resistance of the incandescent bulb and restores the turn signal to normal operating function with the led. Here's the diagram to install these:


When removing the taillight assembly, you do NOT just pull out the red glass.
The painted frame portion between the glass and trunk lid is a part of the taillight assembly..

Before and after pics:

As you can see they are much brighter than the stock bulbs and the color in person is a way deeper red than stock. I also replaced the reverse bulbs and side marker bulbs with LED's.. looks sweet So my entire rear housing is LED I used the matrix LED's from autolumination.