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Lowering Spring Installation


PRODUCT: Eibach Suspension Springs Pro Kit 6369.140 with 2.0" drop in front & 0.8" drop in rear
REAR END: 20-30 minutes
Tools needed: Air rachet or air gun, 18mm socket 3/4" open wrench & adjustable floor jack. These instructions are based on having a hydraulic lift but can be performed with a simple jack and jackstands in the driveway.

  1. Loosen lug nuts
  2. Raise car
  3. Take tires off
  4. Place adjustable floor jack just under the lower control arm to where it rests with just a little pressure to keep it in place
  5. Remove nut & bolt
  6. Lower floor jack until completely out of the way (The spring will NOT shoot out as you lower jack)
  7. Push down on lower control arm & remove the OE spring
  8. Use the OE "lower" bushing with new Eibach spring
  9. Install new spring with lower OE bushing ensuring you line up the bottom of the spring with the 'stop' in the lower control arm.
  10. Raise arm back into place
  11. Put nut & bolt back in place
  12. Once back in place & secured, remove floor jack & proceed to other side.


FRONT END: 2-3 hours depending on experience
TOOLS NEEDED: Air ratchet or air gun, 17mm socket, 3/4" open wrench

  1. You have 2 bolts that hold the brake in, 1 bolt for your upper control arm, your brake hose 'clip' & 2 small rubber grommets
  2. Remove all of these parts (bolts, nuts, grommets, etc)
  3. Then go into the engine bay & remove the 3 bolts (14mm I think) that hold your strut in place. If you have a FSTB, you'll have to remove this also. Do one side at a time!
  4. Remember how your strut arm looks when you pull it out. It's best to mark each item with a straight line using a permanent marker as shown below after you remove it.
  5. Now take it to the spring compressor & compress the spring.
  6. Tighten the spring down in the compressor, unbolt the top bolt & remove everything.
  7. Be sure you install the new bushing and dust cover before you compress the spring back together.
  8. Line up the new springs in the coil & compress it just enough to place the bolt back on.

Reinstall the suspension back into the vehicle and enjoy the ride!