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Marko (Car of the Month October 2003)

This car has been touched on the basics as well as the not so basic modifications, giving it a well-rounded appeal that we can appreciate. Read on...
Engine Performance











Stillen y pipe, Greddy Exhaust, Test race pipe, Zex 75 shot, Place Racing CAI, under drive pulley


Wheels, Tires, Suspension, & Brakes




18x8.5 Gewalt Evolution 3pc wheels with chrome trim and 245/40/18, Ground Control coilovers, Tokico struts, Addco rear anti-sway bar, Stillen fstb, Crossdrilled Rotors







Trenz upper and lower polished grille, custom headlight eyebrows with PIAA headlight and foglights







Black Leather seating, real Carbon Fiber trim, Metallic tint, Titanium guages









Kenwood DVD with 5.1 dts, Polk Momo front speakers, Alpine dddrive rear doors, Kenwood center channel and two 8" JL Audio subs with 3 Alpine v12 amps, total speakers 11.
Maxima of the Month