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Match your Clock to your Interior Lights


1. Go to you local party store and purchase some cellophane paper. The color u are looking for is magenta or red. Now all u need is a very small quantity so buy at little as u can. Luckily it was on sale and I was able to purchase a whole role for $1.

2. Remove the clock from Your car and bring it in the house where u can easily work on it.

3. Remove the cover of the clock and remove the circuitry from the housing. Take a small piece of cellophane paper (all u need is one piece, no need to use double layers or u will get a reddish color and a blurry read out).

4. Take the small piece and attach it to the lcd using clear tape. I say tape it to the lcd and not the cover because its a little tougher to get cellophane paper to stay flush against the cover which in turn would lead to a blurry read out. Make sure the cellophane paper is tightly pressed against the lcd and space between the lcd and the cellophane paper is at a minimum.

5. Reassemble everything and you're done.


*6. Now I know a lot of u guys were whining about not being able to have a blue clock, so if u want blue or any other color just purchase it at the party store and layer that AFTER u use the red/magenta. Note that the more layers u add the dimmer ur clock will appear to be and it might be possible that u will need to disconnect the night dimmer.

Have fun.


More info that needs to be cleared up:

-The dimmer wire needed to be cut is the red wire with the blue tracer.

-To make the clock white u need red/magenta cellophane paper. As to why this produces white as oppose to purple is beyond me. But i would think that color theory is not the same when i comes to illumination or light.

-There is no hint of red, for someone who asked.

-As for it being visible during the day, i can see it clearly. Here are some pics: