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Matrix HID Lighting Kit

If your looking to light up the road and just about everything in between, then you would really need to invest in an HID headlight conversion kit. Having HID driving lights makes it easy to drive at night and much safer on those dark windy roads. For a limited time ISPMotorsports will be holding its prices on two HID options...

8000k Blue HID = $430.00
6000k Purple HID = $410.00

These HID kits are made from a Company called Matrix which is stationed out of COMMERCE, CA producing this extremely nice kit. Install the kit is as easy as plug and play. This is HID headlight kit comes for ever application from H4, 9004, 9006 & 9007 headlight bulbs to the most popular HID style lighting systems.

For more Information please contact and place your order today!

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