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Naturally Aspirated Maxima breaks 12's..

Matthew Williams of Charlotte, NC was successfully able to dip his 2002 6spd manual Nissan Maxima into the 12 second mark for his first pass of the day at Rockingham Dragway. Matthew's most recent NA times were from last March of '04 when he ran a 13.19@ 107.33 on 22x8-15 MT Drag slicks, while previous Nitrous runs netted a 12.99(correction). This time around with the help of his Mickey Thompson 26x11.5 E.T Street Drag mounted on 15x7 Kosei K1 wheels, and some additional modifications he produced an incredible .409 R/T and a 1.947 60' time bringing him in at 12.859 @ 108.00. Matt is sure he will surprise us all once again when he masters the 60' mark.


VIDEO: ./downloads.php?cat_id=2&download_id=182

R/T........ .409
60'........ 1.947
330'...... .000
1/8 ...... 8.322
MPH...... 85.98
1000'.... 10.779
1/4...... 12.859
MPH..... 108.00