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*NEW* 95-03 Subframe Collars

This product release is something that has been tested and developed for a while. It is an 8 piece set of front subframe reinforcement collars. The subframe on the Maxima has long been ignored, but is critical in properly transmitting power to the tires as well as locating the suspension components to maintain alignment geometry.

These precision machined collars remove the slack from the mounting points of the subframe, allowing the suspension to absorb road bumps more effectively and the drivetrain to smoothly put the power down as it will now be better tied in to the actual chassis of your Maxima. The squishy mounts were barely adequate on the stock car when new, and with age and upgrades to the car, this reinforcement is a must.
Installation of this kit it fairly simple and can be done in under 1 hour by those with a basic automotive tool set. The kit includes a diagram and complete instructions to make this a DIY project.

To give you an idea of where these pieces go, here’s a diagram of the 4g front subframe:

As can be seen, the suspension, engine/trans, and steering all mount to the subframe! You can imagine that it’s not something you want to have moving around, especially if you’ve already gone through the trouble of upgrading all control arm and motor mount bushings!

As an introductory sale, this kit is available immediately for only $89 shipped! You can submit payment through paypal to . Please include year of the car and use a confirmed paypal shipping address as we can only ship to your confirmed paypal shipping address.