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New 95-99 Cattman Cattback Exhaust Now Available

Cattman Performance is happy to release our third newly-developed Maxima/I30 part this month. Our new 1995-1999 all-stainless catback exhaust follows our new FSTB and RSB parts. I'll save a few people some time by pointing out that if you prefer really loud, raspy exhausts that get even worse with a performance Y-pipe, read no further, you won't like this one.

The Cattman Performance Cattback exhaust system is now in stock for the 1995-1999 Nissan Maxima (it fits the Infiniti I30 too, though I haven't checked how the tip length works out with the bumper). Price is $300 for the muffler and $325 for the mid-pipe (includes resonator), available as the full "Cattback" system or as separate parts. Installation kits available for $10.

Muffler and mid-pipe fit with their counterpart stock parts, but this was designed as a full system and the two components will make the most power and best exhaust tone if used together.


1. All stainless steel construction resists corrosion and contains exhaust heat
2. 2.5" diameter tubing and flow through muffler/resonator produce maximum power
3. Single tip is 89mm and slightly angled
4. The only Maxima exhaust specifically designed to sound great with aftermarket Y-pipes -- large mid-pipe resonator and 19" muffler make a nice deep tone, prevent excessive volume and chain-saw droning
5. O2 sensor fixture included, with plug for those that don't need it
6. Strong TIG-welds prevent cracking
7. Every connection is tight flange-to-flange (6 total); no cheap and leaky clamp-fit connections
8. 2-piece mid-pipe for easy installation and lower shipping prices
9. Meets the same standards that make our 2000-2003 Cattback exhaust so successful.

Note this isn't an announcement that we've started to sell somebody else's part, Cattman Performance established the specifications and sponsored the development of this product. It is only available under the Cattman name through our order line, 800.759.9920, and our distributors.


Cattman's FULL Exhaust Package Deal

If you're in the market for the best parts system from engine to tailpipe, take advantage of our complete all-stainless exhaust package, including:

1. s/s Cattman Performance Y-pipe
2. s/s Random Tech Catalytic Convertor
3. s/s Cattman Performance Cattback Exhaust
a. s/s C-P mid-pipe
b. s/s C-P muffler
4. Complete Installation Kits for all three components

Save with our complete package price of $1125 for any year between 1995-2001. If you're ordering for a 1999-2001, make sure you know whether your car has Federal or CA/NLEV emissions. You may be able to find cheaper parts, but none offer better quality or value (unless you prefer loud, harsh exhaust systems). Consistent with our entire product line, our intent is to be the best.

Pictures are Soon to come, please be patient