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*NEW* Cattman TiBar FSTB Available Soon

We'll be releasing the long-awaited (at least by me) Cattman TiBar FSTB this coming week. It features a dual tube titanium cross bar, with black-anodized billet aluminum centerpiece and end sockets. The full-circle brackets at the ends are black powdercoat steel. As you would expect the bar is extremely light weight and rigid, you can pick it up with your little finger. Its meant to work better than anything out there and look outstanding under the hood.

The Cattman TiBar comes in four different applications, specifically made to fit the 02-03, 00-01, 95-99 and 89-94 (all); the 00-01 version will be in stock first -- early this coming week -- followed by the 02-03 and 95-99 versions within days, and the 89-94 before the end of the month. Other than the bending dimensions of the tubing, they will be identical.

The TiBar was designed from scratch by Cattman Performance and is U.S.-made by our local fabricating partner. Its entirely a product of my imagination, you won't find anything like it anywhere (yet, anyway). Its not a deal like we've done in the past (and many do now) where our name is applied to an off-the-shelf part.

The retail price is $189 but they will be offered at an introductory price of $179 for a few weeks. Given the materials and machining involved, this part is not meant to compete with the cheap imported FSTBs. Some may scoff, but I don't make much money on this because the materials and machining involved are very expensive. In a way its a matter of pride because I have been unable to find a series of FSTBs that fit all Maximas well and aren't -- I have to say it -- just butt-ugly to look at. Cattman Performance has a tradition of trying to develop and sell the best quality parts available and this part exemplifies that philosophy.

The photo links below were taken before the nuts and bolts came in, but obviously these come assembled and with all the necessary parts. I'll have better pics as they become available.

Cattman TiBar 1
Cattman TiBar 2

Orders can be made now through our order line, 800.759.9920. 00-01 applications will be ready early this week and the 02-03 and possibly 95-99 versions should be available by next week. Credit cards will not be charged until the part goes out.

These will appear on our new website, due mid-December. Contact me by email with any questions.