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New pictures of the painted M-bumper kit are out!!

WOW what can I say but fantastic. From Redlinemax, "Ground clearance is very close to the Stillen lip+ stock... no more than 1/4 inch in difference." From what I can tell its not really close to the floor even with a lowered car, I would just be carefully just for safety reasons. Its remarkable what you can do with a great Idea, and some patience to produce in a reasonable timeframe. Thanks again to those at and we hope the best for you.

More Details Inside..

To order yours today.. email or call at 646-321-9779 be sure to mention VQPower to get special 10% discount towards any future purchase.

You may also purchase this front bumper for $540 which INCLUDES SHIPPING on the East Coast of the US right here.


Shipping Addresses within NY must pay the 8.625 NY City Sales Tax upon sale.

You may purchase this front bumper for $565 which INCLUDES SHIPPING in the rest of the Continental US right here.