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The New VQ35HR Motor


Key Features of the HR Motor:


  • 10.6:1 compression pistons from the 10.3:1 in the VQ35DE, with first-ever mass-production usage of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating.
  • Asymmetrical piston skirt configuration for weight and friction reduction, allowing a smooth power band up to the 7500-rpm redline with an SAE corrected 306hp.
  • Lengthened, pressure-cast connecting rods for reduction of piston side forces.
  • Perfectly symmetrical true dual exhaust system.
  • Isometric tubular steel exhaust manifold
  • Phenolic plastic intake plenum, replacing the cast aluminum design of the prior VQ. Mirroring the dual exhaust is a dual intake system with twin air boxes and dual throttle bodies.
  • Bed plate-type lower block to hold the crank.