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Nissan OEM iPod Install


(Detailed Installation: - 1MB)

(NOTE: For MY2004 Head unit Integration)
If your car has the 6 last digits of VIN number 850000 or higher then in your car is installed Bose 6 CD unit part number 28188ZA31A. If you have installed that radio headunit then your car is compatible with OEM Ipod Gateway.

Otherwise if your car has vin number below 850000 then you have installed in your car Radio Head Unit part number 281887Y300 and this unit is not compatible with Ipod Gateway. In order to make that car compatible with Ipod Gateway you have to replace the radio unit #281887Y300 which is already installed in your car and is not compatible with an Ipod. New unit what you have to plug in is Radio unit part #28188ZA31A . Replacing that units is simple plug out and plug in procedure (no changes to the wiring) That unit you can find on Ebay for approx. $200-$300.