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Nissan VQ Street Cam Shootout

Modified Magazine derived a tests to see which street camshafts were up to the task of making the most bang for your buck in the VQ35 The camshafts that were tested in this shootout were Jim Wolf Technology S1 cams, Tomei 264 cams and Nismo R-Tune cams.

"At the end of the day, a lot of hard work and plenty of wrenching went into completing this test, but we hope the data and value it brings to the VQ community was well worth it. There is no clear winner - all the cams performed remarkably well. It's interesting to note that we've seen even larger cams net another 20 or more horsepower over our results here, so we're eager to put some race cams to the test, at which point it'll also be necessary to discuss the driveability and idle quality factors of such cams since things start to get ugly real fast once duration's approach the 300-degree mark. We're currently still trying to get the most popular camshafts together, but once they're at the shop, it won't take us long to test them since we've already got the procedure down pat."

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