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NWP Engineering Phenolic Thermal Intake Spacers - 4th gen VQ30DE Maxima

Now that testing of the prototype is complete for the 4th gen Maxima, we are able to provide concrete information. On Feb 9th, dawalkster came out for his 2nd and final visit. We were able to install and fully test the 4th gen Intake Spacer Kit. Full temperature and dyno testing was conducted using the same exact engine warmup procedure. For both the temp and dyno testing, averages were taken to get the most accurate results possible.

Testing was done on a 96 Nissan Maxima 5spd with only a JWT ECU Pop Charger.

Here are the before and after average temperature results on the different manifolds:

Heads Before: 195 degrees
Heads After: 195 degrees

Lower Intake Manifold Before: 185 degrees
Lower Intake Manifold After: 142 degrees (Difference of 43 degrees!)

Upper Intake Manifold Before: 157 degrees
Upper Intake Manifold After: 117 degrees (Difference of 40 degrees!)

Throttle Body Before: 146 degrees
Throttle Body After: 123 degrees (Difference of 23 degrees!)

Now, the Upper Intake Manifold (UIM) has coolant flowing through it. The NWP Engineering Kit will include a bypass fitting to make bypassing the coolant much easier. The Throttle Body also has coolant flowing through it. But since the coolant is needed in order for the Fast Idle Cam to function properly, this has not been bypassed. That is why the After Throttle Body Temperatures are much higher than normal.

We were able to do 3 before and 3 after dyno runs. Then, the averages were calculated at every 100rpm interval in order to get the most accurate results.

The results were a max gain of 8.3 HP and 9.4 TQ. The gains are not throughout the entire power band, but you do get a solid midrange power gain and a much smoother power band!

The dyno comparison chart can be seen here:


The final price has not been determined just yet. Once there has been a definite decision on what pieces will be included in this kit, then we will be able to provide an official price. We hope to have this kit released by the huge Florida Maxima Meet on March 16th.

Thank you everyone for all your patience and support!

Aaron Kimball
NWP Engineering, Inc.