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OEM HID Projector Retrofit


I have had some people ask me for pictures of how I put the e55 bi-xenon projectors into my halogen housings. I haven't been able to until this morning when I had to take one of them apart because of some condensation. I'm not very good at how-to's but maybe the pictures will help explain a little better. Just to be clear, I did this on my 2007 Maxima. I'm sure that the older 6th gen's would basically be the same but I am not certain.

Step 1 - Follow the instructions for baking your headlight open. You have to seperate the lens from the rest of the headlight because the halogen projector is huge and won't come out any other way. Here is a comparison picture of the 2 projectors. e55 bi-xenon on the left, halogen on the right.


Step 2 - Once the assembly and the lens have been seperated, you need to remove the 4 silver screws holding the halogen projector in. This picture is of the bi-xenon projector but the screws are in the exact same location. They are removed from the backside of the headlight.

Step 3 - Using a phillips head screw driver, turn the adjustment knob to the left until it is completely unscrewed from the bracket that holds the projector in place.

Step 4 - With the adjustment screw completely loosened, the bracket is able to be leaned forward giving you enough room to lift the halogen projector out.

Step 5 - Now that the halogen projector is out, you can put the bracket back in place and tighten the adjustment screw so it is held securely.

Step 6 - This step is only necessary if you are using the OEM ballasts. Cut a hole on the bottom side of the headlight assembly where the ballast mounts to so the wires can be ran.

Step 7 - Make sure any plastic shavings are cleaned out of the assembly and put the lens back on following the headlight baking instructions.

Step 8 - (This is for OEM ballast intall) Run the ignitor wire through the back of the housing and down through the hole you made at the bottom of the headlight.

Step 9 - Connect the ignitor to the ballast and then screw the ballast into place.

Step 10 - Now it's time to put the e55 bi-xenon projector into place. It goes in through the opening on the back of the assembly very easily.

Step 11 - Screw the projector to the mounting bracket using the same holes and screws from the halogen projector.

Step 12 - Install the d2s bulb, hook up the bi-xenon solenoid wire, reinstall the dust cover, install the rest of the bulbs and put the wiring harness back in place.

Do the same for the other side and you will have much more reliable and better lighting than just throwing in a HID kit into your halogen projectors. Hope this was some help to you all.

Output shots for anyone who wants to see...

Low beams:

High beams: