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One touch feature on sunroof


Installing the one touch feature on 95-99 Maximas using the AutoLoc WC1000 requires you to
change the polarity of the sunroof motor. This is because the motor runs of of a
negative trigger and the WC1000 uses a positive trigger. This will present some
problems. The sunroof motor will get confused in a certain position due to the
polarity change. For example: If your sunroof is open, after you "one touch" close
it you will have to "tilt" open and then closed before you can one touch open it
again. This sounds like a pain but you get used to it. If this sounds like
something you don't want to deal with then don't do this install. Other than that I
haven't had any other side effects. Now to start the install.
1) Remove the little "wings" on the side of the WC1000 and remove the dome
light/sunroof switch assy. It is clipped in so use a panel puller or small
screwdriver and gently pry it down on the dome light side.

2) You will see a brown connector between the switches and the cars harness.
We're going to concentrate on the harness side. Cut a slit through the black
conduit and peel it back to expose the five wires. They should be black, blue,
white, green, and brown. Green and brown are the slide triggers. You will need to
cut the blue, white, green, and brown wires. (leave enough room one both sides to
work with)

3) Now connect the blue wire from the cars harness to the white wire at the brown
connector and do the same for the white wire (white wire at harness to blue at
connector) Your basically just switching the two wires.
4) Now you need to reverse the polarity of the sunroof motor. If you pull down on
the headliner where it meets the sunroof you will see a blue wire and a red
wire coming out of the motor. The blue wire is a ground and connects to the cars
frame. The red is power and plugs into a connector by the windshield. Cut these
wires and swap them so the blue wire now receives power and the red ground.

5) Here's where the WC1000 comes in. The WC1000 needs power and ground which can
be retrieved from the dome light circuit. Peel back the conduit on the harness
going to the dome light to expose the red and black wires. Tap into these for
power/ground for the WC1000. Now connect the green wire from the car harness to the
green wire on the WC1000. Next connect the brown wire from the car harness to the
blue wire on the WC1000.

6) Now at the connector on the car connect the brown wire from the car connector to
the brown wire on the WC1000. And then connect the green wire from the car
connector to the white wire on the WC1000. You can squeeze the WC1000 under the
headliner on the passenger side. There is room between the metal bracket and roof.
You may want to insulate with foam. That's it.

Depending on where the roof was when you started you may have to play with the
switches to get it to orient itself, but the roof should now one touch slide open
and closed.