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Pablo (Car of the Month Dec 2002)

Its a new month and a new car, and what a NEW car, its got power, looks, and the MOJO to drop the ladies to their knees.
This car is very clean and sure does a number for power with as much performance modifications that have been put into this beast of a car. Read on...

Engine Performance


Here is my V2 Supercharger, yup that's right, putting down 329.8fwhp & 279.9lbs of Torque with just the supercharger and 3.125 pulley. I also put down 356.3fwhp and 302.2lbs of Torque with a 35 wet shot of Nitrous. *Trunk is under Construction*

Other performance mods:
Stillen Short Shifter, ACT Clutch, Stillen Oil Cooler, Apexi Super AFC, Aquamist Water/Alcohol Injection


HKS Dual tip Exhaust powered by an HKS Twin Power Ignition, Stillen Y Pipe, Custom B-Pipe, and Carsound High-flow Catalytic

Wheels, Tires, Suspension, & Brakes

Pic of my new rims and tires coming soon...


These are a set of my old Volk Racing GTN's in Gunmetal that are being held off for someone

Behind those beautiful rims you have the Stillen X-Drilled Rotors with Goodridge Steel Brake Lines and Metal Matrixx Brake pads and black painted calipers. Stillen Front Strut Bar, Stillen Rear Strut Bar, Stillen Rear Sway Bar, Eibach Pro Kit make for the great handling of this car!

New Pictures, featuring the new rollers Volk Racing GTC in 19"!


Phillips HID Headlights, Eagle One HID Foglights, Polarg G Turn Signals (Front&Back), PIAA Wedge Bulbs all around,



Inside is done up with
MOMO Shift Knob, Brushed Aluminum dash kit, Razo foot rest and my SuperAFC, Passport 8500 Radar, Autometer Boost Gauge, Autometer EGT Gauge


A Kenwood KVT-911 Touch screen TV/DVD

Maxima of the Month