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Paradox-Systems A32 lip spoiler

Thanks to Harry over at Paradox-systems I was able to get a hold of an A32 lip spoiler which is really designed for the 1st gen I30. I was going to give it a try and put it on my A32 Maxima(1995-1999). To my surprised when it came to my door, it was way more flexible than I imagined it to be. That making it a plus because install would be more easier to perform.

I put it flush with the very edge of the trunk, and aligned each corner to extend a little past the edge (slightly longer on each side). Masked off the line on the trunk for later placement, rubbed some alcohol along the area, wiped off and put the lip down. Looks amazing, and I encourage those spoiler-less Maxima's to pick one up.

Pictures inside..


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